We can substantially reduce pain, improve mobility and get you active again.


Let our Osteopaths help you to reduce pain, improve mobility and get active again.

Osteoarthritis is a disease of joints where there is a wearing away of the cartilage (padding) that lines the joint.  Along with this wear and tear of the cartilage there is a shortening of the muscles and other soft tissues that surround the joint.

Osteopathic treatment will not ‘cure’ the osteoarthritis but can substantially reduce pain, improve mobility and keep you doing the activities that are important to you.

Many people who suffer with the pain and reduced mobility associated with arthritis are unaware of the relief Osteopathic treatment can provide.  Treatment of the muscles around the joints will help reduce the pressure in the problematic joint, and along with relevant exercise we can greatly improve one’s quality of life by reducing pain and improving mobility.

In addition to this your Osteopath will ensure other parts of your body, particularly those closely related to the problematic joint, are functioning properly thereby minimising the stress and strain on the damaged joint.