A sensitive form of osteopathic treatment that involves gentle pressure


Cranial osteopathy is a gentle osteopathic technique that involves subtle stretching and manipulation of the soft tissues, muscles, ligaments, fascia and joints to relieve areas of increased tension within the body.

Although called ‘cranial’ osteopathy (‘cranial’ means ‘relating to the skull’), this form of therapy can relieve pressures in all areas of the body. Your osteopath will most likely work on the area that is directly causing your symptoms but also through the head and often the sacrum (tail bone).

Cranial osteopathy can be very effective with conditions where the body seems to ‘hold on’ to trauma. The treatment can help the body to unwind, allowing injuries and strains to soften and relax.  In a frantic and nonstop world it also promotes relaxation and helps the body destress.