Helping you and your baby stay healthy through every milestone


Osteopathy provides a safe drug free treatment which can give significant relief to a multitude of symptoms experienced during pregnancy.  Pregnancy is no contra-indication to osteopathic treatment and your osteopath will modify his or her techniques to ensure your comfort and the comfort of your baby throughout.

In pregnancy it is somewhat of an understatement to say there are postural changes!  These changes are generally very well adapted for by the body and many women do not suffer any problems during their pregnancy.  Unfortunately other expectant mothers are less fortunate and suffer with various problems such as back pain, pelvic pain and reflux.  These are often caused by pressure being put on various structures due to postural changes, hormonal influences or even by the position of the baby itself. Medical intervention is often through the use of drugs, some of which pass across the placenta into the baby and are therefore unsuitable.  Osteopaths find your bodies tissues that are under excessive strain and use a range of techniques to stretch, relax and mobilise as appropriate.

By reducing your pain and discomfort and maintaining your mobility we can help you keep active and fit through your pregnancy and help you go into childbirth feeling healthy, strong and ready!