Reduce pain, restore function to the body and prevent future injury

Sports Injury

Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend jogger, injury that stops you from doing what you love to do is an unwelcome guest.  Our Osteopaths are all experienced in treating Sports Injuries and will guide you to a safe return to your activity.

To fully understand these injuries it is necessary to understand the extra stresses and strains placed on your body by the sport/position and level of participation at which you compete.  Putting your injury into this context is fundamental in not only managing the current injury but also in giving advice to rehabilitate and help prevent future injury.

Osteopathic treatment can help manage a chronic injury, stop a niggle from becoming a serious problem and speed the recovery from an acute injury.  Within our assessment we regularly uncover functional biomechanical problems such as reduced joint flexibility, muscle imbalance and weakness which may affect performance.  These problems can also predispose certain injuries and by addressing them we can help you recover from your current injury and reduce the risk of future problems.

In the clinic we regularly treat many of the Islands elite performers enabling them to continue to train, compete and therefore achieve their excellent personal performances.

Our Osteopaths have been integral parts of both the Jersey Commonwealth Games medical team, and Island Games Medical team since Rhodes 2007. They have extensive experience in Sports Injuries and have treated elite sports men and women in the UK and Australia prior to coming to Jersey.  People from all sports including professional rugby players and footballers as well as elite swimmers, rowers, and triathletes have benefitted from our Osteopathic treatment.  All our osteopaths bring expertise and experience as both athletes themselves and Osteopathic practitioners.  We are also lucky to work alongside doctors who are Sports Medicine specialists which means cross referral is easy and we can ensure you get the most relevant investigations and up to date treatment for your injury.